In this exciting online library, there are stories, blogs, guides, poems, songs, rap battles, adventures you direct with choices, comics, and art pieces!


The citizens that make us the Citizens of Antiford. They are the most important part of the world.

Many of them are part of crews, orders, guilds, offices, political parties and other such organizations.


Explore our world!

In the encyclopedia you will learn all about the fictional universe and sometimes how it relates to real life.


Maps of our world. Visualize Orr, Antiford, and more.


Play some of our games, including the impressive "Wild Araz".

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If you're new to the Citizens of Antiford, whether our community or world, this is a good resource.

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You can reach us at "theorder [at] citizensofantiford [dot] com" for questions or to continue a conversation you've had with us at events.

About Antiford

A brief description of us, some stats on the site, and a little history of our group.

Antiford's Anthem by Kayleen Glover