The Mystery of Fox Hollow

Theodore Emelior Beem
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Antiford is hosting the First Annual Librarian Conference in Gearford and its expected to be a grand affair. Librarians from all over Araz are expected to join the festivities.

Although Theodore Emelior Beem is less than pleased about the prospect of spending three days with his fellow librarians he is intrigued by the opportunity to spend the week at the mysterious Fox Hollow, which had formally been closed to the public. Together with new friend and fellow librarian Astrid Westergaard, they are forced to face down danger and solve a mystery which will test them in ways they could never have imagined. Thankfully, they have the help of their companions, Captain Fox, A Lesser Titanian Forest Cat and Arten, A Moon Faced Cave Bear.


How Sean Finian O'Brudhear Came to Gearford, Part the First

Sean Finian O'Brudhear
Of Sean Finian's Ancestry, Birth and Heritage

A Scattered Mercian Homestead

Annabelle Bardeneen
Letters from siblings who formerly lived in Mercia, scattered by the war, and by extension, their other family members.


Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Arnett's life isn't getting any easier, but with a new crew member he might see another day.

Listeners Anthology

Lucas Merriweather Buford
An experiment in abstract storytelling.
This is a series of musical imagination prompts.


Gilbert Melker Wrathchild
The aftermath of a failed Technocratic plan to catch the Glass Octopus opens the way to a more dangerous and potentially destructive plan.


Maia has finally let out the truth about her history to someone. Something has snapped inside of her, but she's still determined to find her mother. The last part of "Not For The Work" and "Ally."

The Stowaway

Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell

The captain of the Prelude discovers a stowaway on board.


Stronghold of the Dead

Lieutenant Joel Arnett

A landing party is sent to Well Island to assess what failed with an attempted colony there.

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