Passport: Reading Challenge #3

Astrid Westergaard

Anyone else in dire need of a vacation? Let's explore the many different landscapes and cultures on Orr in a new reading challenge!

01 JAN 2019 - FEB 2019 &
01 JUL 2019 - 31 AUG 2019


Dun'cahrun (Crime Syndicate)

Astrid Westergaard

A guide to a particular mob in Nyxiana/Argenstrath, lead by Ryan Holme.


Poisoned Flowers

Astrid Westergaard
canonstrong languageflash-fiction

Bran// In Nyxiana, it is traditional to place a circle of white lilies on the coffin of the deceased as a blessing that will bring them peace and joy in the afterlife. Written for the Loss and Mourning Challenge.


Lenora's Diary

Lenora W. Bentley
in-progressstrong language

Lenora's mother had given her a diary to help cope with their sudden relocation to Nyxiana and the loss of her father, Solomon. Except Lenora has some other plans on what to use the diary for, she will be writing to her father as often as she can regarding her antics as of late and her progression on their final project together. So without further ado I present to you Lenora's Diary.

* does not include stories that have not specified a location in their "more info"