Passport: Reading Challenge #3

Astrid Westergaard

Anyone else in dire need of a vacation? Let's explore the many different landscapes and cultures on Orr in a new reading challenge!

01 JAN 2019 - FEB 2019 &
01 JUL 2019 - 31 AUG 2019


Stronghold of the Dead

Lieutenant Joel Arnett

A landing party is sent to Well Island to assess what failed with an attempted colony there.


Well Island Journals

Lucas Merriweather Buford
A Kuuvian scientist takes a team on an expedition to collect hard knowledge about Well Island.
No plans to finish these, just thought I'd publish what I had.

Of a Monster and Mouse

Bird Von Wal
Bird's strange adventures on Well Island begin! 
written for the Short Story Challenge 

Rise of the Scorpion

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Joel Arnett's life is turned upside down when he makes a really bad decision to help a stranger. Follow his rise into manhood as he embarks on a journey across Araz.

Masquerade Mayhem

Captain Leo Swift
major eventviolencecanonstrong language
Captain Leo is called in by Lucas Buford, who has a proposition for the young bounty hunter. With the help of Abigail Beatrix Cromac, Leo makes a plan to capture his target. Things get rather complicated and the world shakes from the result.

* does not include stories that have not specified a location in their "more info"