Developer Documentation

This is documentation for developers who want to build apps, games, or other services around the Citizens of Antiford's website's content.

Table of Contents

  1. License
  2. Art Assets
  3. Data API
    1. How To Use JSON
    2. Example
    3. Reference


Any application, game, or service developed with the content, assets, or API of this site will be bound by the current Antiford Content License.

Art Assets

In addition to these, many images can be found in the atlas or encyclopedia.

Antifordian Flag
Antiford Crest
Loading Gears
Light Theme Background #1
Light Theme Background #2
Dark Theme Background #1
Dark Theme Background #2
World Map

Data API



	, function(data) {
		alert(data[0].title); // will pop up the title of the most popular adventure story.

Returned JSON


Main API