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Published works will be licensed under the latest Antiford Content License, except where unlawful, in which case the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 shall apply.

Comments intended as an extension of the published work, are consdered published works.

Comments that are not intended as an extension of the published work are licensed under the CC0 1.0, which is a less legally grey version of public domain.

You Will Avoid To The Best Of Your Ability

  • Using this website for off-topic content
  • Libel, hate speech
  • Hitler or Nazi comparisons/references
  • Neglecting to attribute when required or appropriate
  • Phishing or otherwise leading people to malicious software
  • Linking or embedding images meant to jump scare people without warning, e.g. linking to ‘jeff the killer’ images with loud and distressing noise
  • Linking or embedding erotic content without clear labeling
  • Comments unrelated to the comment thread or piece it replies to

Only direct authors of content are responsible for, or necessarily endorse, website content. This is due to the user generated nature of the content.

Agreeing to these terms does not prevent you from arranging special terms with the owners (Order of the Badger).

We reserve right to suspend your account and rights to it’s content, following violation of these Terms of Service. We make it our policy to attempt to resolve issues before doing so.

We reserve the right to change these terms of service.

Antiford Content License 4.0


The fictional body of work associated with the website including, but not limited to: the fictional steampunk world of Orr, the nation Antiford, the ‘Citizens of Antiford’ branding and stories involving them.
Citizens of Antiford LLC
The business entity which owns the copyrights to Antiford, whose members are Justin Thibault, Meghan Koda, and Samuel Sarette.
The licensee. The person using the website or Antiford.
Those who fit neither the Citizens of Antiford LLC, nor ‘You’ definitions, third parties.
the website
https://citizensofantiford.com - The website that hosts the products and services surrounding Antiford, property of Citizens of Antiford LLC.
intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.
Antiford actvities
Activities including, but not limited to, stories, merchandising, role play, cosplay, and events that require or benefit from the use of Antiford.

Citizens of Antiford LLC Has Rights To The Following:

  • Your works published on the website or that include Antiford.
  • To censor, unpublish, or remove your works from the website.
  • To use your work or elements therein in commercial and/or non-commercial Antiford activities.
  • To grant you or others the right to commercial Antiford activities.
  • To deny you or others the right to non-commercial Antiford activities.

You Have Rights To The Following:

  • Non-commercial Antiford activities, unless otherwise denied by Citizens of Antiford LLC.
  • To ask permission of Citizens of Antiford LLC to perform commercial Antiford activities.
  • To deny Citizens of Antiford LLC or others the right to credit you, reference you, or use your nonfictional likeness in their use of your works or elements therein.

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Information That Can Be Shared With The Public

  • Fictional Character Information
  • Published works