Getting Started With Citizens of Antiford

  • Begin Learning

    The Encyclopedia is the best place to learn about everything Antiford.

    Start with Antiford itself and learn about our days, months, etc. Our home page always shows today's in-world date.

    There are also maps of all Orr, as well as regions such as of Antiford.

    A few guides written that describe our world and community workings.

    We've produced quite popular videos for your viewing pleasure. Our recommendation for learning about Antiford are the episodes on what antiford and steampunk are and creating a character.

  • Begin Reading

    Some find it useful to just start from the beginning.

    If you're short on time, you would do alright sticking to the major events and canon approved pieces.

    If you find an author or character you like, you can filter on just their stuff.

  • Get Involved

    The first place to start is to create your character, read stories, and comment on people's pieces.

    Many of the official word blogs have to do with competitions or meetings.

    We have a Google Calendar that lists all the events and conventions we intend to attend.

    Although we are an online community, we do try to meet up in the real world. Currently, the majority of our members reside in the New England region of the US. People in other regions are highly encouraged to plan their own Antiford meetups.

    Also, many of us are available for video chats when text-based chat is too impersonal.