Time Terminology

In World

This is the paorrian culture (human) terminology for time. Many of these are named after the Gods of the Elders

Seasons & Months

Titanians have very similar seasons, and will commonly use human seasons interchangeably with their own names. The desert countries on Araz, such as Antiford, experience only slight seasonal changes at best.


Rebirth, the first of the seasons when everything begins to grow back (rainy season).
Month: Fi


Unchanging, the period of time that is right for growing crops.
Months: Firch & Skia


Change, the transition from Oforand to Dodar. Typically the harvest season in the north.
Month: Demiber


Death, the season when life ends and then transitions into Aderfod.
Months: Gornuary & Moghs


Mohday, Tamarusday, Cielday, Reisday, Demiday, Mellday & Lieday

Out of World


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