Cities & Towns

Argenstrath Gearford's southern sister metropolis is home to hundreds of thousands of people and houses the majority of the white collar jobs.
Astam Junction The bustling transportation hub city in the center of Antiford.

The fourth largest city of Kuu, Baerú is a vibrant coastal city in the south-east.

Barroh Camp A small outpost deep into the Antifordian desert
Conwell A city-state built on the train tracks crossing the Prodigious Canyon.
Dalaerum The capitol city of the Prush Empire.

A small town on the outskirts of Conwell with an airship industry.


A small town in northwest Titania named for the large snow drifts that surround it.


A large farming city along the Hoganmar Mountain Range in Titania.


The second largest city of Kuu, Fallinbannao is built around the petrified remains of an ancient yew tree.

Fen Byen A town on the shores of Lake Oligai.
Gearford the capital city of Antiford.
Hiemskôg The capitol city of Kuu.
Hjem The capital city of Titania.
Klippebror A small town in southern Titania

A small city on the Antiford side of the Hoganmar Mountains.

Pleasantville the infamous exile town of the desert.
Port Hatterly

A port city in south-east Rusticanotae.


One of the northern-most cities in Titania.

Sainte Minan

The crown and capital city of Monte-Diamont.