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1.2 million

Argenstrath is Gearford's southern sister metropolis, home to hundreds of thousands of people and houses the majority of the white collar jobs. It is known for its large medical facilities and is where the best medical college in the country is located. The city is also the hub of Antiford’s police force.


Argenstrath is located south of Gearford, lining the banks of the Vlazhny opposite its sister city. The eastern part of the city lies on the Fimbrian Ocean. The climate is hot and dry.


The city is divided into four districts.


Porista is the east-most section of the city. It is L-shaped and covers the the north and eastern parts of Argenstrath. It's houses major ports and is the industrial center of the city. Although Gearford houses the military naval docks, Argenstrath has no official military docks. However, there are still large sea ports and Airship docks are located here, and it is where many ships are built. There are many mills and factories along the river, making up the poor section of the district. There are not many residents living of Porista.This business district has the only port that rivals Gearford's for trade.

Dune (Adelle)

The smallest district in Argenstrath, Dune makes up the western parts of the city. It extends into Gearford’s Mayberry district to the north, and similarly to Mayberry, Adelle is over-populated by the city’s poorest families and citizens. At the center of this district there are several cheap bazaars and run down shops that line the train tracks and the roads leading into the desert. 

To the south is the "rich part", where there is a large train station as well as some suburb-style homes for the middle class.

The official name for the district is Adelle, but that name is only used by those living the southern part to describe the railroad, or by politicians discussing the district. "Dune" is the more universally recognized name. Dune is not only a nickname, but an accurate description as the slums are practically built on the desert sand and the sandstorms sometimes burry the slums under a giant sand dune.


The Villa District is in the southern part of the city, located between the western portions of the Porista and Argenshire districts and with the Adelle District to its east. Villa is mainly a residential district; it has a large amount of middle-class homes as well as a few businesses. The poorer section of the district is incredibly small, kept to inhabiting a few run-down houses towards the north west of the district. Despite a neighborhood or two of very expensive houses, the more affluent of the Villa District live in mansions surrounded by the normal housing of Villa. The brickwork houses range from incredibly close city-style living to suburban homes further away from the city. The majority of those who live in Villa work in the Argenshire District or in the Saks or Rowe Districts of Gearford. The Police headquarters of Argenstrath is also located in Villa.


The Argenshire District is the largest district in Argenstrath and it houses the most defining parts of the city, like the Argenstrath Medical Center. This district  has the tallest buildings, and is often considered the "skyline" of Argenstrath. Universities, hospitals, railways, and a large amount of storefronts inhabit this section. The poor sections of the district seem to form around the waste-disposal areas bordering the Porista district and power plants and refining facilities in the North most section of the district. There are also a few homeless shelters and church-owned houses that cater to the poor located in Argenshire. In the south of the district, building off the Porista shipyards, are the Argenshire shipyards. These are usually full of airships, but the only landship shipyard this far east is also located here. Some tennant buildings and tavern areas exist, but this is mainly a business district. The rich usually stay in a new "Hotel" business type close to the offices, and work at the banks, hospitals, and Universities in the area.

Institutions & Infrastructure

Argenstrath is known for its medical facility as well as Argenstrath Medical College. The city is also home base for country's police services and boasts some of the best mortuaries in Antiford. In fact, the newly developing fields of mortuary sciences and forensics in Antiford began here as a joint effort between these two institutions.


Like Gearford, Argenstration is a large manufacturer of textiles. Also, because of the many convenient ports and airship docks, a majority of the ships in Antiford are built in Argenstrath.


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