"The Underground" Restaurant

A high-class, mystical-themed restaurant in Astam Junction.

Ambrosial Bosh Concoctions The mysterious provider of illicit materials
Argenstrath Medical Facility A medical research facility in Argenstrath.
Auto-Marie A doll brand with talking and moving dolls.
Badger's Den, The The most prominent brothel in Argenstrath.
Black Leaf and Earl, The A well regarded shop in the Barret district of Gearford.
Braggard, The

A small bar, located in Conwell, under the ownership of Erza Redd.

Buford Automaton Company Antifordian manufacturer of metal and clockwork / steampowered automatons.
Cerillius Industries

Antifordian manufacturer of clockwork, wooden automatons.

Dikaios International Air and Sea Port Gigantic airport which is a major hub for air traffic between southern Araz and the rest of the world.
Gearford Gazette The Gearford Gazelle is a state-funded newspaper that comes out every Mellday.
Gearford Industrial Waste Center Industrial dump and recycling for Gearford.
Gearford Mills Textile mill megacorporation run by the Antifordian government.
Gun Companies of Araz Past and Present firearm brands of the Arazian continent.
Kovy's Nest, The

A gambling den in the Mayberry district of Gearford.

Land's Edge

A small bar in Conwell.

Llewelyn's (Tavern)

A Yeti owned pub in the Argenshire district of Argenstrath.


Ojethmar is an open-air marketplace in Hjem.

Optelegraph A privately owned newspaper in Argenstrath.
Plucked Swan, The A (in)famous flying brothel.