Ambrosial Bosh Concoctions The mysterious provider of illicit materials
Argenstrath Medical Facility A medical research facility.
Auto-Marie A doll brand with talking and moving dolls.
Badger's Den, The The most prominent brothel in Argenstrath.
Black Leaf and Earl, The A well regarded shop in the Barret district of Gearford.
Braggard, The

A small bar, located in Conwell, under the ownership of Erza Redd.

Buford Automaton Company Antifordian manufacturer of metal and clockwork / steampowered automatons.
Cerillius Industries

Antifordian manufacturer of clockwork, wooden automatons.

Geaford Industrial Waste Center Industrial dump and recycling for Gearford.
Gearford Gazette The Gearford Gazelle is a state-funded newspaper that comes out every Mellday.
Gearford Mills A conglomeration of the major employers in eastern Antiford, in textiles manufacturing.
Kovy's Nest, The

A gambling den in the Mayberry district of Gearford.

Land's Edge

A small bar in Conwell.


Ojethmar is an open-air marketplace in Hjem.

Plucked Swan, The A (in)famous flying brothel.

A small junk store in the Saks district of Gearford.

Ticking Clock, The The Ticking Clock is a free-press newspaper that prints every Tamarasday.