Alice Gardens

A botanical garden and private park in Gearford known for gigantic mushrooms.

Bláa Lóninu

A lake in central Northern Kuu.

Bokom Peske A large body of quicksand located some fifty miles west of White Haven.
Citus River

A river in northern Clarusia.

Fótur Lake

A lake in western Kuu.

Hoganmar Mountain Range The large mountain range that creates the majority of the border between Antiford and Titania.
Istoki Desert, The The gigantic desert that begins in Antiford and the Prush Confederacy and extends westward further than humans have charted.
Lake Oligai A large lake in Titania.
Mús River A river in Kuu connecting Bláa Lóninu and Fótur Lake.
Prodigious Canyon A large canyon which marks the southern border of Antiford and northern border of the Prush Confederacy.
It is technically not owned by any nation.
Prolix River

A river in southern Clarusia.


A large river in Saavnheim, Titania.

Runpyuxi Old demon ruins in the desert.
Storvaangroft River A river in Titania that runs out of Lake Oligai.

Massive forest in Titania also known as Deep Woods.

Thorsk River

A river in western Kuu flowing out of Fótur Lake.

Vlazhny River

The river between Gearford and Argenstrath.

Well Island Bizarre island off the coast of the large continent.