Amberlamps Emergency vehicle 
Buzzard Class Airship

A large class of airship used primarily by the military.

Clockwork Sled
Comparison of Vehicle Sizes

Charts comparing the relative sizes of vehicles.

Country Liner

Emperor Class Landship
Falcon Class Air Ship

A mid-sized airship exclusively used by the Antiford military.

Haakar Walker (Mechaza)
Kovy Class Land Ship A class of heavy landship in the Antifordian military.
Landship Scorpios

The signature ship of Joel Arnett. The most notable feature is the large scorpion tail canon.

MK4 Prushian Armored Landship
Nightingale Class Air Ship

A mid sized ship popular with smugglers and bounty hunters.

Octonaught (Skuttler)
Osprey Class Airship

A large airship, used primarily for combat.

Paddock’s Carriage A small vehicle with engines on wheels that are separate from the carriage itself, pulling it forward.
Sand Skimmer Class Land Ship

A small land ship built for moving quickly on the sand.

Sparrow Class Airship

A small airship, primarily used as a scout ship.

Steam Ram (Rumbler)
Steam Tractor

Steam-powered industrial & farming vehicle.

Steambike Steam-powered motorcycles.