Amberlamps Emergency vehicle 
Buzzard Class Airship

A large class of airship used primarily by the military.

Comparison of Vehicle Sizes

Charts comparing the relative sizes of vehicles.

Falcon Class Air Ship

A mid-sized airship exclusively used by the Antiford military.

Kovy Class Land Ship A class of heavy landship in the Antifordian military.
Nightingale Class Air Ship

A mid sized ship popular with smugglers and bounty hunters.

Osprey Class Airship

A large airship, used primarily for combat.

Paddock’s Carriage A small vehicle with engines on wheels that are separate from the carriage itself, pulling it forward.
Sand Skimmer Class Land Ship

A small land ship built for moving quickly on the sand.

Sparrow Class Airship

A small airship, primarily used as a scout ship.

Steambike Steam-powered motorcycles.
Swan Class Air Ship

A large, luxury class of air ship.

Swift Class Air Ship

A small, fast airship used by the Antiford military.

Vimana Class Airship

A Kanteburian airship that is commonly thought of as ineffective, though fuel-efficient.

Walker Class Land Ship

A walking platforms used by the police, fire patrol, and government officials.