Haakar Walker (Mechaza) Vehicles




Light Walker




Military / Civilian

10 - 15 MPH

After the Decline of the precious Ghaza population, the Kantebury Empire commissioned a technical marvel to replace the role of Ghaza in military positions. After several failed experiments, it was a Jhardhandi artist who built the first prototype for a mechanized Ghaza. It was based off the novelty ‘Mechanized Horse’ gaining popularity in Paorr at the time.  The Kanteburian Military purchased and took over the design, eventually making a walker not built for speed, but utility and support.

The Haakar Walker has a trunk made up of heavy tubing and powerful springs that keep it curled and up under the head. However, this can be unfurled by filling the trunk with steam pressure. The strength of the springs allows for the controlled curling/uncurling to lift heavy things like lumber, metal scrap, or supply crates. The trunk can also be used as a flail and can release over pressurized steam as a whistle and used for communication (it being able to make three pitches). Where the tusks would be are one of two things depending on the configuration of the Haakar Walker; Two small Gatling Guns with three barrels for squad support or a heavy rack for storing additional cargo (more than the trunk can hold itself).

The rider sits into a very shallow saddle in the style of a steam bike, with controls at their hands in the back of the “head” and pedals at their feet. The rider can lean forward to conceal their body behind the rise of the “head” or can sit straight up for a raised view of the area around them. The combat models also have shields that can be extended and retracted out of the side of the head (nicknamed “ears”) that can be used to shield the rider from harm. A skillful and brave operator can use these tactic to shield their unit from incoming fire while returning fire with the twin guns.

It’s main purpose in the Kanteburian unit is as support or observation for officers. Unless in special circumstances, usually an officer or a Perdadu will be operating a Haakar Walker in a commanding or support role for their units. Special Haakar Walker operators are also trained for heavier combat rolls or to replace officers if the need arises. Their single operator ensures not a lot of manpower needs to be dedicated to its operation and it can fit in small squads or large companies all the same.

Although popular in the Kantebury Empire, other Nations have rarely seen the benefits of this machine and have not gone to any lengths to copy or research it. However, the effectiveness of these machines in domestic and combative uses have elevated them to a symbolic stature in the Empire.


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