Perdadu Culture

Perdadu are elite warriors, often in command of other soldiers. A Perdadu outranks almost every other military rank. These elite warriors are trained in the heart of the Kantebury Empire. Trained in stealth, tactics, and leadership; these warriors can go toe-to-toe with most elite soldiers around the globe. They are "knighted" in the title of "Sir".


Perdadu were the farmers who fought against the Kantebury expansion. When they were defeated, they retreated to other countries. There they trained and prepared their armies to fight the inevitable Kantebury invasion. When they were finally put down, they were offered immunity in exchange to training and fighting in the Kantebury military. Many refused, but a few accepted. Today, their fighting styles and beliefs are passed down and shared with new recruits to form the modern "Knights" of the Kantebury Military.

In the late 1800s, Perdadu were most active on the Kwazulite colony, often in open skirmishes with the Orange Tribe Vibranni and other frontier forces.

Code of Honor

Perdadu are trained in a specialized code of honor. Although it has all but dissipated in wide use and obedience, it is still taught from scrolls to initiates. Roughly translated, it speaks of things like protecting the weak when they are in danger, helping the poor when they can not help themselves, and always being faithful to your calling. It also deals with fair treatment of prisoners, common courtesy, and table manners. Many Perdadu are known for their chivalry and politeness. However, Obedience to and enforcement of this code has fallen to the wayside.


Perdadu are trained to utilize a variety of weapons and tools, including minor hand to hand combat. However, the focus of their training revolves around their traditional weapons.

Khana Staff

The Khana Staff was once the weapon of Perdadu who came from shepherds. The seven foot long staff was adorned with spikes at the end and and used to slash and jab at enemies from afar. It was a deadly weapon. Adorned with up to three spikes, each poking out of both sides of the curved staff. These were made of bone and ivory at first, but they were vastly upgraded to iron and steel in the late uprising. Currently they are made of hard wood and steel spikes. Although training is still done with this weapon, few Perdadu use it as a real weapon. These Perdadu switch out their Ghana Rifles for the Staff and their Shashki Scythe for Shashki Shooters.

Ghana Rifles

The Ghana Rifle began to replace the Khana Staff in the late 1700s. Going from a blackpowder model to a shell-based model in 1857 made them a prime weapon choice for the Perdadu. The rifle is based off of the rifles used to hunt Ghaza during Kantebury expansion. It was designed to stop a Ghaza with a good marksman, as well as to hit enemies at a distance. The power and accuracy this rifle requires means most models are single-loaded shells. However, newer models have a small holding system which can hold up to four shells. Perdadu who wield this rifle often have Shashki Scythe for side arms.

Shashki Scythe

The deadly Scythe was converted by the Perdadu who came from farmers. The Scythe is sharpened and duel-wielded as a close combat weapon. Perdadu train to use the curved blade to control the blades of enemies and grab at shields and shoulders. The weapon is also effective at jabbing and slashing. The Scythe is known to shatter and break in fierce combat, so an alternate style of combat designed around stabbing and slashing with what is left of the broken blade is also trained for.

Shashki Shooter

The Shashki Revolver was designed to replace the Scythe as a side arm. However, they have not caught on. The pistol butts are extended and end in a dagger like blade. The five bullet shooter can fire in quick procession, however it is inaccurate at longer ranges. The low caliber of the bullets makes the revolver useless against foes with armor, and ineffective against heavily padded enemies. The daggers have proven the most effective part of the revolver. The firearm nature of the weapon has earned it the nick-name "shooter". Although used as a ranged weapon with Khana Staff wielding Perdadu, most still prefer the Scythe to the Revolver.



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