Flora & Fauna

Antiford Flora

A list of various plants found in Antiford.

Antifordian Badger The national symbol of Antiford.
Arazian Scorpion The Antifordian Scorpion is an arachnid with two, large claws and two tails that end in stingers.

Kuuvian bear with a thick hide.

Chanka Large desert dwelling rodent
Desert Pangolin A large breed of armadillo that lives in the outback of Antiford
Forest Pangolin

A small mammal native to Central/Southern Paorr.

Forest Steer The primary meat source for the Yeti, along with fish and fowl. 

Large, endangered, land animal. The last remaining populations are protected in the Kanterbury Empire.

Great Horned Deer The typical beast of burden for the Yeti.
Jungle Buffalo The jungle buffalo is the primary meat source for the country of Rusticanotae.
Kuuvian Deer

Regal and common deer of Kuu.

Land Octopus A small invertebrate living in the forests and rivers of Paorr and south eastern Araz.
Moon-faced Cave Bear A large bear native to Titania.
Paorian Sloth The Paorrian Sloth is found in the warmer regions of southern Paorr and is well known as a symbol of medicine and the medical profession world over.
Paorrian Sloth

A sloth native to Paorr. It has been adopted as a symbol of the advancing medical practices.

Salt Lizard

A small to medium sized lizard with poisonous skin.

Sand Worms (Beznog) A large, desert dwelling worm.
Shield Bats A large bat that inhabits the Prodigious Canyon on the southern border of Antiford
Skuttlekovy Large poisonous land crabs.