Sand Worms (Beznog) Flora & Fauna

These large desert-dwelling  species of worm measure five to seven feet in length and between six and twelve inches in diameter. They are found in small groups of five to ten worms, burrowing through the sand. It is also known as the beznog by Vibranni and Nakalo indigenous to the Istoki desert region.

The worm is quite toxic as its blood contains compounds that hallucinations, irritability, and, with prolonged exposure, death. This, in part, explains the behavior of the Hobgoblins.

They are the primary food source of the Goblins, who have an immunity to the toxin, and the skuttlekovy, which contributes to its own toxic nature.

Though they primarily remained underground, they are observed nightly on the surface of the desert. This is thought to be a way of collecting moisture from the cooling air.

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