Adelon Nation on the north side of Manenlande
Antiford Proud nation of desert survivors and bastion of innovation and invention on Araz.

A country located in Northern Paorr.

Dikaios Isolate island nation off the South-eastern Araz coast.
Eastern Sun Empire, The

The major state and civilization of Paorr in the seventh age.

Golah A rocky nation in the east of Paorr.
Greater Kantebury

The largest member state and seat of power for the Kantebury Empire.


The lower Paorrian member nation of the Kantebury Empire.

Kantebury Empire

A vast, multi-continental empire with it's central power coming from it's original Paorrian state.


Island nation of the Kantebury Empire.

Kuu Northern Paorrian island country with rich culture, interesting natural environments and a deep mythology.

Central-Arazian Kantebury Empire member nation.

Lilithia The country in the south of Manenlande.

Arazian nation south of the Prush Confederacy and east of Mercia.


The wealthy nation in the center of the Paorrian island Zansi.

Nyxiana Lush island nation, situated off the northwestern coast of Paorr.
Prush Confederacy

The former Prush Confederacy was the area's technocratic identity from 1882 to 1897

Prush Empire The Prush Empire is third world country meets post-apocalyptic. 
It and Antiford, to it's north, make up the wild west of Paorr.

Arazian nation west of Mercia and south of the Prush Confederacy.

Rusticanotae Country on the South East coast of Araz.