Pavostanni (Red Tribe) Countries & Tribes




mid Araz

Name Meaning

"The Devout"

Located in the Istoki desert, just below the Hoganmar mountain range, the red tribe, like other tribes, are named for their vibrant red skin tone.

This tribe is considered the most orthodox, abstaining from modern technology completely. Bad luck is often blamed on having connection with technology. Individuals that show poor luck are often forced into cleansing rituals that focus on completing daily tasks without the use of any crafted tools.

Limited to stone, clay, and rudimentary metal and glass work, this tribe has thrived. Men of this tribe are excellent crafters, spending their free time beading and weaving complex patterns for every day items.

This tribe is also known for the selective breeding of the Chanka and rely on it for their primary food source. Popular foods for the red tribe include cured and salted chanka meats, blood porridge, blood flatbreads, and meat pies.



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