Shadow over Stockaan

Kent Nicholas

Some experiences are best suppressed and forgotten. 


The Prime Minister's Inaugural Ball

Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

The Discovery Day Party that suddenly became The Prime Minister's Inaugural Ball.

Written for Prime Minister Flash Fiction Challenge.


Harold: An Antifordian Musical

Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

Collection of idea and pieces for a musical on the Antiford stage called "Harold: An Antifordian Musical". This article has reference on what is,  ways to think about it, and a guide to how characters might react to it. 


Foundations of Change

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where Gearford flits?

Pheiyn and The Magic Shoes

Pheiyn The Turtle Wrangler

Pheiyn and Mr.Turtle steal from a Sand Witch. What they learn is their dancing skills are a little dusty, or shall we say sandy. 


Prime Minister Flash Fiction Challenge

Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell
official word
The flash fiction challenge for individual reactions to the new Antiford Prime Minister.

Meeting Marigold

Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell

Phinneus' reaction to the news of the new prime minister.

Part of the Prime Minister Flash Fiction Challenge.


A Mission for the Baron

The Baron Nester Delgado of Argenstrath and Captain Leo Swift

Leo Swift and his crew have been hired by an unexpected client. The Baron Delgado has an important mission for the crew of the Caelum Navis. Should the brave captain return with the infamous cannons, The Hounds Lash, he will be greatly rewarded. Not with gold or jewels, but something far more valuable to Swift, his past. 


The Prush War of Imperial Reclamation

Lucas Merriweather Buford and The Prush Empire
major eventcanon

The war where Diederich Eirck VonKresser reclaimed his imperial heritage and conquered the Confederacy in Prush.

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