A Chance Encounter

Annabelle Bardeneen

A chance encounter with an old school friend fortells of tragedy for Annabelle and her family.


The Man With the Calico Cat

Theodore Emelior Beem
strong language
Librarian Theodore Beem discovers an intriguing airship wreck in a local junkyard and ends up finding a surprise.

Radio Retrofuture: fallout: Is it Seampunk? part 2


The edited version of this weeks interview with artists Tony Snipes of the Portsmouth Aeroshipbuilding Co.

Follow his facebook pages to stay posted on his upcoming work.



The Story Behind: Buford's Mechanical Hand Prop

Lucas Merriweather Buford

The history and process of creating the iconic prop.


Landships of Orr

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
This gives a brief Rundown of possible Landship Classes of all types in our world.

The Hero of Deepwater Bay

Theodore Emelior Beem
strong languageflash-fiction

This follows the story, Indomitable and tells the further story of  Theodore Beem. In this story,  young Theodore learns about the identify of his friend Willy, the old man who had befriended him when life had been at its lowest ebb. This flash fiction was written for the Loss and Mourning Challenge.


Dun'cahrun (Crime Syndicate)

Astrid Westergaard

A guide to a particular mob in Argenstrath, lead by Ryan Holme.



Theodore Emelior Beem
in-progressstrong language

After breaking both of his legs, life looked grim for young Theodore Emelior Beem.  Just when his life was at a low ebb, he met a mysterious old man, who showed what might be possible. This story takes place after First Flight. This story offers a further flashback into the early life of T.E Beem, who was first introduced in "Excelsior".


Summer of Steam 2018

Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, and Abigail Beatrix Cormac
official word

Casual steampunk events throughout New England this summer.

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