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2018-06-08 14:24:42,
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Pick a Song

Well I couldn't just pick one, so I made a playlist of songs with different meanings:

Springwater - Birdcloud

Springwater best represents Crickets wild, unpredictable, and annoying personality. 

Elleskudt - Myrkur

Elleskudt describes the nightmarish escape from the Geovikkan cult she grew up in. 

Fire of Motion - Zeal & Ardor

Fire of Motion describes the hard, fast, and exciting lives of the Diamond Devils (Crickets burlesque troupe)

Taking L's - Z. Konketsuji

Where Elleskudt would be a theme song for Crickets escape, Taking L's is the theme song for her various adventures around Orr

Human - Sevdaliza

Human personifies her sexy and seductive side (chair dance)

We Can't Be Found - Zeal & Ardor

We Can't Be Found personifies her dark and mysterious side (psychic)

Stranger Fruits - Zeal & Ardor

A foreshadowing...