Visiting my old stomping grounds of Bearu, Kuu soon! Can't wait to drink some REAL beer!

writer world-builder event-goer

Age 29

Born in Rinn, Kuu

Lives aboard Mells' Gratification ("The Gratification" - an obvious synonym for the old Paorran goddess Mell reaching an orgasm... this is not lost on any guest or passing citizen) with Mister Zed and his Diamond Devils

Geovikkan runaway. Originally a tracker, ran away from abuse and to explore the world, fears that she's still sought after.

Co-opted kuuvian lifestyle (lived in Bearu for a short time) and the stag religion, but still believes in the god trying to find a human vessel and take over Orr (reference Bishops journal).

Originally called Sigur, she changed her name to Maisy-Maude when she ran away to Bearu. She also wears vaneers to hide her sharp teeth, common along elite Geovikkan trackers. 

She was found by the Diamond Devils - a vaudevillian burlesque troupe -, and is known as The Cricket, as she's described as "hopping" around the chair she uses for her dance performances. She's also the troupes psychic, who reads fortunes when she's not on stage - due to her mysyerious past and northern tribal roots. 

Has been involved with the Diamond Devils for a year and a half and now had a criminal track record for public intoxication, joy riding, unlawful brawling, theft, and in some counties, indecency, public nudity, attempting to sell sex, and seductive dancing, as well as performing without a permit. 

Enjoys beer, dancing, music, traveling, meeting new people and culture

Personality: optimistic, clever, brave, rowdy

Flaws: looses self control, suffers from ptsd due to the abuse from the cult she ran from, often falls until phases where she's on edge and suspicious

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All Entries, Moghs 1894

by Maisy-Maude

All entries to Bishop's journal in Moghs of 1894.

A Bad Time at the Bar

by Maisy-Maude

Bishop is at the bar with these strange guys named Phinneus and the true Prushan Emprorer and shit goes down.

Found Entries, Fi and Firch

by Maisy-Maude

All relevant entries between Fi and Firch that have been found from Bishop's journal. Many entries are missing.

There is Something in the Woods

by Maisy-Maude

What is in the woods? Are we safe anymore?

In response to the Short Story Challenge