Lucas Merriweather Buford

Buford Institute of Technology is in its inaugural semester.

Biographical Information:

Born | 34 Skia 1866, in Gearford

Race | Human

Citizenship | Antifordian

Relationship Status | Widowed and Dating

Current Residence | Astam Junction

Present Occupation | CEO of Buford Automaton [Company] 1890-; Dean of the Buford Institute of Technology; 1900-

Previous Occupations | Mechanic in Astam Junction, until 1885; CEO of Auto-Marie, 1887, 1890-1895

Lucas is the latest in a long line of scientists and engineers who continue the work of Dr. Andrea Moreau's humanoid automaton technology (see Victoria Bezel). His work has produced the well respected  Buford Automaton Company, perfecting automatons for mainly industrial and scientific use.

His prominent feature is a mechanical arm where his right arm once hung, which can be said to have necessitated his interest in mechanical engineering.

He is a technological evangelist and proud engineer. He treats his automatons as his children, and often brings them along as bodyguards and companions on long trips.


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The Great Antiford Workshop of 1900

by Lucas Merriweather Buford

Come and join us for an exciting recap summarizing our stories so far,

followed by a great workshopping of what we'd all like to do next with our in-world Antiford projects.


Story Covers

by Lucas Merriweather Buford

Art pieces created for use as story covers.


Lars' Gift

by Lucas Merriweather Buford

The day that Lars gave Lucas the keys to the automatonics kingdom.


Antiford in the News

by Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, and Abigail Beatrix Cormac

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