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The Phantom of Black Leaf and Earl

A millyard man's amazing journey into what's possible with a day off and a bit of tea.

Kuuvian Folklore

Some folk tales and stories of the people who live in Kuu, a wintery nation in the north of Paorr.

Timothy's Garage

A mechanical engineer and his gear-head wife finish their steambike.

This was done for the Short Story Challenge.


Specks of Paint

Elin spends her Lieday by the sea.

Short Story Challenge story.

Antiford Unhinged

A series of creepy, unreal stories


Across the Pond

Meredith spends some months in Kuu in search of a script-scroll writer for the Fallinbannao office.


The Cabin Girl

Prush pirates try to perform a perilous plunder. Cabin girl Zula does her best to prove her worth as a pirate.

Written as a part of the Airship Flash Fiction.


Well Island Journals

A Kuuvian scientist takes a team on an expedition to collect hard knowledge about Well Island.
No plans to finish these, just thought I'd publish what I had.


The ancient myth of when Skret tricked Gorrn into Warring with the Other Gods.

A Halloween-like holiday is named after this tale.


Listeners Anthology

An experiment in abstract storytelling.
This is a series of musical imagination prompts.

Sky-Whale Ale

Brewer Brothers on a desert adventure full of comedy and shenanigans.

Originally pitched for the Adventure Collection.


The Facade

A young man is disturbed by the glance of a woman he passes by on his way to work in Argenstrath.

But it's probably nothing.


What If... Buford had been Prince Ark?

An alternate path where the Antiford you know was shaped by a different set of world building rules and Arkham Ravenholm ran for his life as exiled prince.