What If... Buford had been Prince Ark?

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2021-09-23 07:31:33,
2021-09-24 08:29:33
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Years ago, there were blueprints for what would become Antiford and characters like Buford. However, this other wasn't always writing a prosthetically-enhanced engineer. No: a prince on the run was the original blueprint for the character he'd be cosplaying.

This was back in the day where gold was common and alchemists roamed searching for a solution to the nation's water crisis with transfiguration of gold to water.

He was to be on the run, aiming for a "return to power" arc much like, but more "Gary Stu" than what Von Kressor's arc would be.

From the lens of today, how would this character, Arkham Ravenholme, come to life today using yesteryear's blueprints?