Lieutenant Joel Arnett

Beginning to wonder if the Judge guy is any good for Antiford...

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Bio-Early Life:
Joel Arnett is a small town boy from Sorditudo, a mining town south of White Haven. His father, Manfred Arnett, was a humble Miner who turned into a deputy in the local police. His mother was Isabella Fleischer, a maid from the Prush Confederacy whose father died on the front lines of the Antiford-Prush war. Growing up in a mining town, Joel had a love of adventure, and a thirst for opportunity. Tinkering with heavy machinery, school, and working on his marksmanship were the only ways to abide his time in the little town. When he grew older, he ran away from home. Venturing to the bigger cities and towns, He tried his luck on adventure on his own and wooing the many ladies he found there.

Armed with his love of adventure and his knowledge in literature, he is very theatrical and he attempts to be a romantic and very flirtatious. However, he is a wise ass and often his attempts to impress leave him a surprisingly unlikable person. If he is bugged by someone, he is known for bugging them back.

When he was 19, He came across a man named Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint, a well traveler who was in danger of dying. With his book knowledge and a few bad decisions, they embarked on a grand adventure which resulted in the building of a specialized Landship which became the Landship Scorpios II as well as Joel learning what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, and after being dubbed with the "Title" of Lieutenant, he became the Antifordian Lieutenant of the Landship Scorpios II. 

Armed with a thirst for adventure, a newfound confidence, and a fully functioning Scorpios II, Arnett begins his life. Working as a professional transport for passengers and cargo as well as an Armored Escort and Anti-Airship ship. 

While in the Prush Confederacy, Arnett changes his name to "Lieutenant" Joel Fleischer. He has alternate IDs, Passports, even a different reputation in the Prush Confederacy. Due to his Grandfather's reputation, he is actually highly respected in the Prush Confederacy. He has many contacts in the higher up military and the older police force in major cities. With these, he is one of the most successful smugglers (or transporters) between Antiford and the Prush Confederacy. He can also speak basic Ancient Prushian. 

Attire: Unlike his Mentor, Arnett prefers outside vests, bandoleers, and Cravats (sometimes) to Coats, Ties, and suits. Unlike his mentor's Long brimmed Fedora, he favors a more Horatio Styled hat, however he dons the Fedora as well as an homage to his Mentor. He also has no form of military or formal wear, meaning he improvises with his own getup to suit the purpose or he must steal what he needs for a job. He has few medals to speak of, unlike Flint, however he still dons some badges and pins to showcase. 

Attitude: He is more laid back and mouthy then Flint. He is actively flirtatious, but not in the mood to settle down. It is not against his character to have one night stands or flirt with a girl just to achieve a goal. He is beginning to turn this around, and be more respectful towards women, but the process is slow and his cheeks have not been slapped enough to change him just yet.

He also tries to avoid conflict whenever he can. Intimidation is his closest ally, often using aggressive tactics and his new Landship to intimidate foes out of a fight. He is quick to draw a gun or flick open a knife before honestly thinking about throwing a punch or getting using these weapons in a fight as a means of bullying an opponent to back down. This gets him into bigger trouble, sometime; even though he is a moral mercenary and lawful human being, he often finds himself on the other side of the law and has more then once needed to make a quick escape or spend a night or two in the slammer.

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