Sorditudo Cities & Towns






30,000 - 50,000

Sorditudo is a small town south of Astam Junction. Despite being a prosperous mining town, it is known for being small in population and all of its population being lower middle class. 

Sorditudo is the only small town to not use a military force from one of the nearby cities or larger towns. It has its own branch of police officers

Also, during the war with the Prush Confederacy, A semi-permanent Military camp was set up in and around the town. After the war, the Antifordian Military disbanded the camp. However, it is still being packed up and moved to this day, and many of the soldiers that were stationed and worked in the camp stayed at the mining town.

Though other minerals are found, mica is the most abundant resource. However, despite the riches, the town doesn't see any of the prosperity and is, in fact, one of the most poverty stricken mining towns in Antiford. The most technological machines in the town are mining equipment and weapons.


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