Antiford Grand Prix

A Landship race, in Antiford, that occurs every year.

Brotherhood of Demitrius

A semi-secret organization focused on collecting and preserving knowledge.

Ciam and Simo The monetary system of Antiford.
Common Language

Common language on orr.

Dirt Ball

A popular sport in Antiford and the Prush Countries.


An elite class of Yeti warriors charged with protecting the Yeti way of life.

Fornyelse The Festival celebrated by the Yeti to mark the Aderfod equinox.
Glass Octopus, The A popular comic book featuring the super hero of the same name.
Haaf and Ged

The currency of Titania.

Imperial Mark The currency of the Prush Confederacy. 
International Aerial Games

A series of airship contests taking place over the Predigious Canyon.

Machen Bachen The harvest festival that is celebrated in Titania and Manenlande.
Machen Bachen (food)

A biscuit or cookie that is made with cured meat.


An early method of written record in Yeti culture using inscribed, wooden cylinders.


The currency of Kuu


The currency of Kanterbury


A game that is frequently played at Yeti festivals along with teams at many schools.


The currency of Clarusia

Wonders of the World

A list of the most incredible locations on Orr.