Glass Octopus, The Culture


Fiction, Comic


Captain Alexander Nolan

Nationality of Publisher


Area of Distribution

Central Arazian Nations

In World

The Glass Octopus is a comic hero created by Captain Alexander Nolan and penned by many authors. It is published out of Conwell. These graphic serials often feature villains who bear slight resemblance to real world political and industrial figures with evil schemes meant to question their actions and character. Not all authors have been known to follow this, but it is a trend.


  • Scath
  • Goblin-Face the True Goblin Emperor
  • the Smoker
  • Chankawoman
  • Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady
  • Tik-Tok
  • Mr Clock (has a great right hook)
  • the Dehumidifier
  • Pierre LeFlint - captain of the SS Cargo
  • the Scuttler (crab-based mutant man)
  • Propa-Gandor
  • The Dollmaker

Out of World

A cheesy batman-esque rip-off with hilarious villains made up of technocrats and citizen parodies.


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