Dayntie Feoil

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Dayntie awoke in the desert with a nasty case of amnesia and a few trinkets and rags. She eventually found a group of tinkers, who she traded almost all her things to for a ride to the nearest city, Gearford. The tinkers were close to Gearford when they ran from the city suddenly screaming of a devil that tried to kill and eat them. Dayntie  lived on the streets, hiding as much as she could,  for a couple weeks before she was found by a traveling mask merchant named Faces. 

Two years later (present day): Dayntie lives in a small worn down shack on the outskirts of Gearford with Faces. She offers mechanical repairs to airships, landships, or anything people might need fixed. She offers alternative payment methods to certain people that may be hard for money. Her shack also houses Faces workshop for mask making, and another room locked off that no one has been behind, or so they say. 

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by Lucas Merriweather Buford and Dayntie Feoil

Flash fiction challenge to write a protagonist that works for the Technocracy or truly believes in their philosophy.


Desperate Dream

by Dayntie Feoil

Captain Alexander Abraxas is faced with some airship trouble and must seek out help in a much darker place than he expected.


by Dayntie Feoil


The Kawaii Adventures of the Glass Octopus

by Dayntie Feoil

A comic series of the adorable and wonderfully fun adventures of the Glass Octopus, and his trusty sidekick Badger Boy!