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2017-07-17 06:52:54,
2017-08-22 09:31:54
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Antiford started out as a simple project in which the government was unequivocally evil, and the Order of the Badger - who were the only members in the group, for that short time - were the ragtag rebel heroes.

But in order to tell more realistic and interesting stories, members of the Order have become complex and not wholly good in actions, regardless of great intentions. Other characters from other groups and walks of life exist now, and we even have a member playing a Technocrat politician themselves.

Likewise, the Technocracy has its share of cut-threat politicians, megalomaniacs, terrible hidden experiments, and secret police, but it's also a complex political party with majority control over our main nation for more than a decade. The philosophy of their party is amicable enough, place the people who are experts in their field in positions of power over the things they have expertise in. Career politicians will always exist, but the idea that experience in a field is expected in a meritocracy-style way is a pretty optimistic thing to want.

What we'd like to see is flash fiction stories written about government employees of all types. These are your "good guy technocrat" protagonists. People who believe in their party - or at least its tenants - and are deing their jobs like good people.

And if you then want to write about secret police or something bad they've done, you can maybe work that into your Prime Minister Flash Fiction Challenge or regularly scheduled story.

The encyclopedia articles on the Ministries and Government structure and the Technocracy itself should help.