Antifordian National Government System Politics

The (Great) Technocratic Council

Antiford's technocratic government is run by the Great Council, a group of a dozen technocrats led by a guiding member, now known as the Prime Minister, which can change by unanimous vote by the council.

The identities of the Great Council have remained a complete mystery since early on in order to protect them from scrutiny or fame. The idea is not to let the leaders enjoy ego-distorting celebrity, or time wasting scrutiny. However, since the Discovery Day celebrations of 1897, the leader of the council is a public position titled the nation's Prime Minister.

Underneath them are appointed positions considered by recommendation by professionals in their respective fields.

House Of Engineers

This is the public-facing representative body.

Representatives come from industry and scientific fields. 


The major departments take nomenclature from the Monarchy's infrastructure of Ministries. The use of this terminology is another point of insult to the religious community, as they are purely secular offices.

  • Ministry of Finance - taxes & budgeting
  • Ministry of Peace - Military, police force, defense research, arms manufacturing, foreign relations
  • Ministry of Culture - holiday planning, registrations of birth/death/marriage, censorship, courts
  • Ministry of Civilization - City / town planning, permits, water purification, technology
  • Ministry of Agriculture - Natural resources, water source research, farming subsidies

The Order of the Badger is the ultimate authority on all things canon and encyclopedic.