Antiford's First Prime Minister

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Mordecai Marigold was born into a wealthy family. His father John Marigold was a part of the royal house of engineers. Their family wealth had originally come from agricultural products: flowers, vegetables and any plant life the royal treasury had bought for the parks and restoration department in the large cities. John Marigold, however, was the first to start investing in and expanding the railroad. By the time Mordecai was in school, his family’s wealth was mostly tied up in the railroad industry.

Mordecai had learned young that he was heir to a large family fortune and business. Even more so after the revolution. In school he had learnt to put on a charismatic face while at the same time remaining reserved. 

Mordecai Marigold was one of the original technocratic revolutionaries, but was too young to join the inner circle, and kept out due to Charles Button. When Button died, he finally accepted the position and eventually sold them on the idea of a public figurehead role for himself. And so that’s how the Technocracy came to have its first Prime Minister.


  1. Latter 1896 - Diesel / Flusseline was developed by Titania / Prush, based on Paorrian diesel technolgies
  2. 50th Moghs 1897  - Prush Civil War Ends, Imperials win
  3. Mordecai’s private plans begin motion
  4. 31th Firch 1897 - Mordecai Marigold introduces himself as the Prime Minister
  5. Mordecai’s public plans begin motion