The Baron Nester Delgado of Argenstrath

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Bio-Early Life

Nester Delgato is the last remaining noble of Argenstrath. Although his parents were foreign-born, he came into this world on Antifordian soil, making his wealthy family able to procure him the position.
Born in 1868 to Lord Rebus and Lady Amerin Delgado, Nester was the youngest of four. Unlike his siblings, Nester broke from the traditions of his noble heritage at an early age and developed a taste for discovery and innovation. He explored rich histories and developed a growing interest in science while engaging in numerous excursions across the world aboard the airship The Sky Serpent. His science teacher, Professor Archibald Gresksin, would later become a close friend and mentor.
As was tradition in his family, Nester was trained at a young age as member of The Black Sleeves, an elite guard which had served his family for generations. Despite his father's insistence, Nester never took on a position in their ranks yet he remained active in diplomacy.
It was during his training in fine combat that Nester met Haskell Everett who had also been chosen to join The Black Sleeves at an early age. They would train side by side and become inseparable friends. Nester would eventually request that Haskell be given a position within his personal traveling entourage.

As whispers of rebellion reached the ears of House Delgado, Lord Rebus feared the worst and sent Nester off aboard The Sky Serpent with an envoy of noble houses to request Titania’s help during the Prush-Antifordian war. That mission coincided with the great siege of Argenstrath. Political buildings were targeted first, but Commander Tiberius and two phalanx of Black Sleeves stationed within the Delgado walls ensured the house’s protection.
Nester had barely reached Titania before word of battle reached his ears. Fearing Titania would arrive too late, Rebus and Amerin had fled Argenstrath aboard the flagship The Wings of Grace, only to be attacked shortly after leaving. Despite putting up a strong resistance, the ship was eventually shot down over land. All those aboard perished.

Nester's brothers and sister had also gone missing. Their fates are still a mystery.
Years later, Nester’s team finished construction of The Arbiter, an experimental airship, and christened it in the name of his family claiming, "The Arbiter is the greatest ship in the fleet and always will be." To captain her, he offered the position to Willhelm Karset.
With a small fleet of airships and the support of the Black Sleeves, Nester greatly aided in fighting for revolution in Araz. Though many of the ships were lost, including The Sky Serpent and The Manticore, The Arbiter flew its colors valiantly in victory over Argenstrath.

The Return of House Delgado 

Investing everything he had left to the effort, Nester worked to construct Argenstrath into what it is today. His Black Sleeves dealt with dissenters quietly and his actions were recognized by the newly instated technocracy. As a reward for his efforts, he was given the role of Baron of Argenstrath. His lands were returned to him and he became a figurehead of the state. Though his power was purposely minimal, he was allowed to retain what remained of his military forces.

As the years went on, Nester once again returned to a life of exploration aboard The Arbiter. His journeys eventually led him through the Wells where he contracted an odd disease known as The Cascade, a disease which gradually turns organic material to ash. In searching for a cure, Nester enlisted numerous scientific minds, namely his old professor Dr. Greskin and Dr. Thyous, a scientist well-known for his research in genetic mutations.

Thyous betrayed Nester and tried to kill him though Nester miraculously survived the destruction of his private laboratory and was deemed as cured of the disease only to find that his body had become mutilated.


Nester Delgado is easily recognizable by the special mask he wears required to breathe as a result of the late stages of The Cascade. The mask bears a fox motif to match the fox tail which now descends from his lower back as a result of his mutilation. Though it cannot move naturally, his tail was modified by Buford Automations to respond to his emotions. He bears the color orange in his clothes to mark his heritage.

Though he was raised in a noble household, Nester Delgado can be considered rather shy and quiet at times, though tends to be affectionate around those he feels most comfortable with.
Due to his inability to speak verbally, the baron carries a notepad and pen with him to write down any communication.

Because he cannot speak, much of the city's governance is carried out by representatives from Gearford along with those from within his personal circle. 

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