Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

Gilbert Melker Wrathchild 
Gilbert the Managing partner of the Twyford-Wrathchild Mills. This corporation is a combination of the former royal family of Twyford and the intellect and business acumen of the Wrathchild family. 

Gilbert at heart is a tinker. This is a trait that runs in the family, and is apart of their success. Unfortunatly, some of the things he's created has gotten him thrown out of Marx's Gadgets in Gearford. 

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Gilbert's Multimedia Entry

by Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

An Entry for Gilbert Melker Wrathchild in The Multimedia Challenge


Discovery Day

by Lucas Merriweather Buford and Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

The Order of the Badger decides to attend the Discovery Day celebrations and hear the technocrat announcements.

What’s announced will change Antiford forever.


Nothing Ever Matters

by Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

Nothing ever matters to Gilbert.

Gorrn’s Blessings to you. fnord.


Timeline of Antiford's Recent Historical Periods

by Gilbert Melker Wrathchild

A guide attempting to map out the major "Periods" of Antiford History for literary purposes. 

Maybe an Encyclopedia Article or Added to the new to Antiford articles.