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Motifs and Design of Mistfell


Mistfell is intentionally designed as an antithesis to Gearford:

  • Misttfell is nice to visit, but BORING to stay in. This point is critical as it is intended to drive characters out into the world!

  • Gearford is an industrialized with a more traditional London with coal smoke and other air pollutants. Mistfell developed using water power instead. This allows Mistfell to develop with a more natural and harmonious in nature.  While there is some industry, the money makers of the area is in trapping, hunting, and forestry. When writing on the Mistfell area, This allows you to write in ideallic tones with hint of fairy tales  Seriously, watch Frozen and you'll get the right feel for Mistfell

  • Mistfell is designed as a stable area within Antiford, mostly scarred by the revolution. Where Gearford fell into chaos, Mistfell royality,  House of Twyford,  were doing things right and was able to raise the Engineer family, The Wrathchilds, quickly.  For the average Mistfell resident, this was hardly much of a change as the Wrathchilds were in charge of every major royal operation as it was anyways. "Say hello to your new boss, same as the old boss".  With the Wrathchilds in a firm place of power, the worst of the revolution was kept out of Mistfell. 

  • Because of Mistfell's location as a trade hub between Titiania and Antiford, it allows you to play with Yeti and Half-Yeti characters. Someone from outside the area should find it odd to see non-humans casually mix socially in Mistfell.  


Other material to consider referring to help draw inspiration when writing Mistfell.  

  • Arendelle  (Frozen) 
  • Helms Deep (Lord of the Rings) 
  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Rivendell (Lord of the Rings)
  • Skyrim of Tamril (Elder Scrolls) 

  • Game Of Thrones references perhaps?