The Emperor of Prush

Diederich Eirck VonKresser is one of many grandsons of the Great Prushian Emperor Karl Con VonKresser.  Diederich was once an honorable Lord Commander of an Armored Land Ship Squadron in the grand Army of Prush, but now he’s a cut throat Leader of a lone Armored Land Ship. The only thing that keeps him going day to day is the dream of one day uniting the Prush Confederacy, and conquers all of Orr.

Early life
From a tender young age of 8 Diederich was placed in a military academy with the rest of the aristocratic children. Since he is a VonKresser, he was taught to lead men and plan campaigns. At the age of 16 he picked to serve in the self-propelled artillery corps, and after 4 years of internship on the land ship rockrim.  After his Internship he was given command of a Rickson class land ship.

The Rickson Class Land Ship was very out dated. When the war with Antiford broke out, Diederich was left guarding the western border of the Istoki Desert. After a major battle that decimated the prush leadership, Diederich was quickly given the rank lord commander, and a squadron of land ships. In the final year of the war, the southern provinces seceded from the empire. After a year of fierce fighting the empire evaporated. Diederich spent the entire war, and civil war in the province of Outerford. Without contact Diederich spent a year in forgotten outpost, and only left when his water and food stores ran out.
-Read episode 1 of Diederich the great-
  • Leadership
  • Basic combat
  • Land ship driving
  • Planning
  • problem solving: instead of being peaceful he was brought up to fight
  • people skills
  • compassion
  • athleticism 
The drawing board:
 When I came up with this persona I wanted to try something different, I like to keep my steampunk characters simi low on the totem pole. So I decided to play with the idea of a bratty wannabe emperor. Also I wanted people to read his stories and say “wtf was that!”
Role models: John Wayne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Molan

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