Apsara and Demons Lesser celestial beings from the Paorrian Religion.
A religious and semi-political cult in Kuu which worships the horrific monsters Kuuvian mythology states their god, Ofandyr, protects the world from.
Gods of the Elders Gods from old Paorr lore.
Hallaer The afterlife in Yeti Mythology.
Navenlos The spirits of the dishonored dead in Yeti Mythology.

Kuuvian stag giant diety.

Old Paorrian Ancient religion of Paorr where mythology is drawn from.
Ophoyet The spirit of a greatly honored Yeti. These spirits choose to leave Hallaer to rid the world of the Navenlos as well as to endow warriors with courage.
Vanaer Where the dishonored dead are sent for eternal suffering.
Varen Livet The spring of life of Yeti folklore.
Water Worshipers One of the major modern religions of Orr.