Geovikkan Religion




985 (8th Age) - present day

In World

Geovikkan is the worship of the horrible beasts that Kuu mythology describes as being mankind's tormentors beyond the grave. Whereas common Kuu religion discusses the importance of holding the creatures at bay with the image of the great Stag, the geovikkans are nihilistic servants of them.

It was started by Bjork Geovikk, a 10th century scholar of the mythological, who proclaimed that she’d somehow called forth memories from the otherworld and found means to summon the bound beasts into this world. Her deities include Xiliq, Pyydrigna and Dganiaeu.

Hvasst Skreta is a the political arm of the Geovikkans.

There is a northern town, Rinn, home to those who wish to live in an exclusively Geovikkan town.

Out of World

This is the Kuu parallel to H.P. Lovecraft's cultists.


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