Antiford Military Academy The first human military academy on Araz.
Antiford Royal Academy The oldest, outside of Rusticanotae and Titania, and most highly regarded human educational institution on Araz. 
Argenstrath Medical College The second most highly regarded medical intitute in the world after the Heimskog Academy of Natural Sciences.

A large castle in Hjem that serves as a government building.

College in Rowe, The A common college located in the Rowe District. More affordable to the general public (though still only the wealthy could attend).
Grand Theatre, The

A large theatre in Gearford.

Heimskog Academy of Natural Sciences The most highly regarded medical institution on Orr.
Hjem Military Academy

A prestigious secondary school located just outside of Hjem.

Library of Demitrius

A grand library founded by the Brotherhood of Demitrius.

National Archives at Hjem The location where most of Titania's records are kept.
University of Hjem The most widely regarded educational institution in Titania