National Archives at Hjem Institutions

A publicly funded institution charged with the preservation and documentation of historical and government records. The Hjem Archives is also responsible for tracking and increasing the public access to archives and records. Located in the old fortress, Athal-bjorg, in the northern part of the old city, the Hjem location is the central hub for the curation of national documents, however there are sister location in several other cities in Titania. These archives also house all city-specific records and documents, which are housed in a separate part of the fortress. 

The Archivist is also responsible for overseeing the publishing and maintenance of authentic copies of laws and regulations, legal/courtroom records, executive orders, and Council proclamations. There are also many copies of similar important records from countries in Araz and Paaor, though the collections are not nearly as extensive. 

Inside the fortress, the Hjem Archives are located in the North wing, with the library and open records being housed on several floors, following the tower upward. Underneath the ground floor, in the same wing, are the special collections – which must be temperature and humidity controlled -- and underneath the special collections is the preservation rooms. Both of the basement floors are not open to the public and require special permissions in order to access them.

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