Bladed Weapons

Weapons with a blade: swords, daggers, axes, pikes, etc 

Bows, Crossbows, Blowguns

Smaller projectile weapons which use arrows or arrow-like ammunition.

Electrical Weapons

Weapons which utilize an electric charge as part/entirety of their ammunition.

Firearm Technology What is typically found for firearm tech in Orr.
Gun Companies of Araz Past and Present firearm brands of the Arazian continent.
Gunpowder Weapons

Weapons which utilize black powder to propel their ammunition.

Semi and Fully Automatic Weapons

Weapons which repeatedly fire for a user.

Shells and Bullets

Metallic ammunition for guns.

Steam Powered and Weapons

Weapons which are powered by pressurized steam.

Weird Weapons (Experimental)

Experimental or specialized weapons: flamethrowers, pepper sprays, poisons, and gasses.