Garvey and Sons Weaponry

Back in 1820, a man named Garvey worked on black powder based weapons. He is credited with developing the first multi-shot firearm, the revolver. Garvey set up a family business calling it Garvey’s gun’s, building guns that later turned into a large manufacturer and producer. Garvey employed his three sons who also designed firearms and brought new idea’s to the company, Garvey realized that the business would be in good hands and five years before his retirement in 1845 he renamed the company Garvey and Sons. From 1820 to 1869 Garvey and sons were the go to place for any weaponry and was nearly unchallenged by other gun manufacturers.

Today Garvey and Sons are the most popular handgun and rifle manufacturer and have customer loyalty.


  • Garvey and sons were the first gun company to have their barrels fitted with spiral grooves so that the bullets could get more distance and accuracy.
  • Gavey and sons guns are best known by their reliability and being well built, decent prices, good accuracy, revolvers, rifles, muskets and other manual reloadable guns.
  • Any old original Garvey’s Gun’s , gun is worth a lot of money because of their age and rarity. They also used to pack one hell of a punch.

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