Gun Companies of Araz Weaponry


An infamous old gun company that sold to both Antiford and Prussia during their war.
They went out of business when neither nation would allow them property.

Gorrn Gun Co.

Fairly new manufacturer of firearms and to the advancement of weapon development. Sible Buffington in his younger years was a tinkerer. During his early thirties, soon after the technocratic revolution, Sible begin writing down ideas and developing weaponry that could hold many bullets instead of the standard one, two, or six. He formed a prototype and was funded by the Technocrats, but there was still a lack of money available. Later, when he married into a family of higher wealth, he was able to use his new father-in-law’s funds started Gorrn Gun Co. The name originating the old Pagan god of death. Sible ran with his new name and mascot, advertising that his semi automatic guns would cut down reload time and bring hot death to many an enemy!

Today Gorrn Gun Co. Is going strong and produces a few good selections of weaponry for the average adventurer and even the Antifordian Government.


  • Gorrn Gun Co. Is the soul producer of semi automatic and magazine based hand held weapons.

Garvey and Sons

Back in 1820, a man named Garvey worked on black powder based weapons. He is credited with developing the first multi-shot firearm, the revolver. Garvey set up a family business calling it Garvey’s gun’s, building guns that later turned into a large manufacturer and producer. Garvey employed his three sons who also designed firearms and brought new idea’s to the company, Garvey realized that the business would be in good hands and five years before his retirement in 1845 he renamed the company Garvey and Sons. From 1820 to 1869 Garvey and sons were the go to place for any weaponry and was nearly unchallenged by other gun manufacturers.

Today Garvey and Sons are the most popular handgun and rifle manufacturer and have customer loyalty.


  • Garvey and sons were the first gun company to have their barrels fitted with spiral grooves so that the bullets could get more distance and accuracy.
  • Gavey and sons guns are best known by their reliability and being well built, decent prices, good accuracy, revolvers, rifles, muskets and other manual reloadable guns.
  • Any old original Garvey’s Gun’s , gun is worth a lot of money because of their age and rarity. They also used to pack one hell of a punch.

Ericson Guns

Prussian gun company not known for their quality.

Tuff Man​

Tuff Man was founded in 1840. During its early years, Tuff Man manufactured cannons and, after following the popularization of the revolver, rapid-fire, revolving guns for Airships ( And any other kind of ship or large transport vehicle). In 1860, Tuff Man decided to enter the handheld firearms market. At first they designed smaller cannons one could carry around. What made the cannons popular also caused them to not sell particularly well. The sheer power of the weapon made it relatively unreasonable to wield. In 1865, Tuff Man began to develop shotguns. Compared to other shotguns on the market, they had a more significant recoil, but far superior accuracy. In 1870 Tuff Man decided to begin experimenting with a different style of gun. Most of the firearms they produced required mounting, as the recoil was excessive for an inpidual alone. 1872 Tuff Man released more advanced shotguns that most everyone could use. They were smaller and lighter, featuring a reduced recoil. Later, Tuff Man released Orr’s first “sniper rifle”, which was a high caliber round accurate to two hundred yards. Even though the first model was problematic, the rounds had a tendency to misfire, many people supported the new gun, especially the monarchy. Few were produced because of the expense of the materials and precise craftsmanship required to make one. 1880 Tuff Man Co. worked with the Antiford Monarchy and Titania in the development of the first weapon type to incorporate the newly available resource, electricity. It ended horribly, with nearly eighty scientists and military personnel killed. The project was sealed closed and never touched again. Today Tuff Man still thrives, mostly on its Airship weapons sales, but are still experimenting and trying to get ahead on the rifle and firearm market.


  • Tuff Man is most notable for their firearms raw power, no other shotgun can compete with a Tough Man Shotgun.
  • Most weaponry on Airships are from Tuff Man, they lead the market in that department.


Founded in 1870 by Madison Diggory, A man who wanted to bring the industrial revolution of society and put it into a firearm. What he ended up creating was a steam powered handgun. Steam power turned out to be much stronger than black powder and was deemed the future of weaponry. Reporters flocked to Mr.Diggory asking him what he planned to do with his new patent, his reply “Build an Empire Of Industry!” He started his manufacture facility Steamworks. Sales were disappointing to Mr.Diggory, mostly due to the expense of his guns. Steam powered guns were not cheap to make, on top of that the owner of a Steamworks gun had to fuel it with precious water to use.

Today Steamworks is still in business, mostly stelling to the rich and those overseas.


  • Steamworks is known for having very nice looking firearms that perform well, but are also quite expensive. Steamworks also makes some of the guns with the strongest power behind them, with the exception of Tuff Man’s shotguns.


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