Steamworks (Gun Company) Weaponry

Founded in 1870 by Madison Diggory, A man who wanted to bring the industrial revolution of society and put it into a firearm. What he ended up creating was a steam powered handgun. Steam power turned out to be much stronger than black powder and was deemed the future of weaponry. Reporters flocked to Mr. Diggory asking him what he planned to do with his new patent, his reply “Build an Empire Of Industry!” He started his manufacture facility Steamworks. Sales were disappointing to Mr. Diggory, mostly due to the expense of his guns. Steam powered guns were not cheap to make, on top of that the owner of a Steamworks gun had to fuel it with precious water to use.

Today Steamworks is still in business, mostly selling to the rich and those overseas.


  • Steamworks is known for having very nice looking firearms that perform well, but are also quite expensive. Steamworks also makes some of the guns with the strongest power behind them, with the exception of Tuff Man’s shotguns.

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