Gunpowder Weapons Weaponry

Black Powder weapons (or gunpowder weapons) have been around for centuries (Roughly 1500s). They work by loading Gunpowder or Black Powder into the weapons, and then loading shot. These weapons were incredibly expensive when first introduced, often unreliable. Since they have been perfected, and helped revolutionize warfare.

Muskets and Flintlock pistols changed the very meaning of what it meant to be a soldier. Countries that were quick to adopt the new tactics quickly rose to dominate power over their adversaries. In the 1800s, a black powder revolver was introduced in Antiford, and was quickly adopted by nations worldwide.

Cannons and Mortars had been around a lot longer as siege weapons or castle defenses. They were quickly adapted into normal military use.

Gunpowder Cannons and Artillery may still be found in use in current day Orr onboard sailing ships or Airships. They are reliable and cheaper than modern day shell-based cannons and are durable despite the weather.

However the decline of Black Powder weapons has started in Orr. It’s heavy to store all the components for using powdered guns like these onboard land and airships, where space is becoming more important. When wet, the gunpowder cannot be ignited via a spark, and can become unreliable. As metal bullet casings have made all of this obsolete.

Modern day gunpowder weapons are more highly advanced than their counterparts even ten years prior, but they cannot keep up with demand of the newer, shell based weapons. They shoot faster, more accurate projectiles using less powder than ever before. However, most instances spotted modern day are relics or antics still in use.

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