Shells and Bullets Weaponry

A shelled cartridge is made up of a projectile known as the bullet, a case, often metallic, which holds all the parts together, a propellant like gunpowder or cordite, and a primer.

In the switch from blackpowder weapons to shelled weapons was slow. The first inklings were inventive individuals who set up pre set up packets which included anything and everything they needed to fire their muskets and flintlocks. Packeting the perfect amount of powder and primer to idealing fire a shot perfectly. Many early rifles were redesigned to open more easily from a breach to more easily place in these components inside. However, this type of weapon wouldn’t have time to develop before technology moved on.

Monte Diamont researchers developed a paper cartridge holding everything needed to fire a “Boullet”, or small ball, at opponents. This style of firing system quickly required a special breach system and loading mechanism and was incredibly expensive to commit to. Many nations didn’t fully adopt the system, however two nations across the ocean adopted the system readily. Antiford and the Prush Empire saw the potential of these paper cartridges, and almost fully adopted this system, even designing cannons to use this. Both nations would begin to manufacture their own paper cartridges and continuing to develop the technology.

Research peaked in time for the Prodigious War. Both the Nation of Antiford and the Prush Empire developed a metal casing cartridge. These cartridges were designed for artillery and cannons, named “shells”. They protected the components from weather, external contaminants, and taking the guesswork out of the amounts of powder needed. These metal shells were also assembled in new factories, made faster, cheaper, and more uniform.

With foreign investors very interested in this new technology, the researchers were more then ready for the war and the demand for the best weapons. These new shells were developed into metal cased “bullets”. Gun companies were more than happy to utilize the new  technology. Single shot rifles and derringers were quick to hit the battlefield on both sides. The Prush Empire utilized this technology for shotgun shells while the Antiford side developed revolving pistols and rifles as well as crude early clips. New artillery fired next to older ones in an unprecedented show of comparison. Although they didn’t completely replace their predecessors during the craziness of the war, they proved their use and gained worldwide attention.

After the resulting revolutions, manufacturing of these bullets surged forward. By 1890 bullets and shells are worldwide and most weapons have been designed with this new bullet in mind through revolving technology or basic clips.

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