Weird Weapons (Experimental) Weaponry


Flamethrower technology has been around since early 1800s. They mainly use whale oil, kerosene, or crude oil and a pump to throw it out into a lit igniter.  Flamethrowers of this type helped early Antiford settlers clear out Goblin hives.

Modern day Flamethrowers have been slimmed down and can throw oil/gas a great distance. With newer technologies they can also have different fuel sources. These are still large and bulky and volatile. Older models had the canister of fuel on carts or often requiring two man teams while new models have managed to shrink down to be allowed to be strapped to an operators back.

Pepper Spray Guns

The Kantebury Empire has developed and weaponized the power of peppers and spices to perfectly incapacitate a target. Some developers have taken this concept farther, making spices so powerful they can blind, burn, or irritate the lungs to the point of suffocation. These weapons and their fuels are rarer and often not used do to the massive radius of effect often affecting the user as well.

The usage of these weapons are usually similar to flame throwers although some version that act like a grenade have been created for the Kantebury military. Some non-lethal versions of this spray have also been purchased by policing departments around the world for use in crowd control, including in Antiford.


Poisons of various sources are used and have been used on Orr for too long to count. Every type of poison you could think of has been used. Blades, arrowheads, darts, and bullets have been known to be poisoned to add extra killing power.

There are several ways to get a hold of poisons. Plant life has been known to be poisonous. Animals can either secrete venom or toxins used in many poisons. Also the new chemicals discovered in labs can also be used to poison.

Not everything on toxicity and poisons will be listed in this article. For interesting examples please check out our Flora and Fauna sections for animals and plants of Orr.

A Note on Poison Gas

Poison gas such as Mustard Gas or Chlorine Gas has been discovered and used in battles in a few instance on Orr but the actual weaponization of this technology has not caught on and is actually frowned upon by most countries.  The erratic nature of gas and the potential to hurt the user as much as the target has steered many away from even experimenting with it.

Usage of bombs or artillery shells using poison gas is currently unheard of in modern day Orr. Most instances are either with a spray gun (handheld) or by releasing it from airship.

Gas masks, however, have been made in use and have been found very useful in world against non-gas toxins such as spores or in labs with chemicals. As such, it would not be overly difficult to pick up a well made gas mask if you had the money to purchase it.

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