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    Widely regarded as the greatest institution for education in biology, marine science, and naval engineering. Founded shortly before the founding of Antiford, the university was frequented by it's nobility, or those others that could afford it. 


    The university was founded in 1630. The University of Hjem is one of the country's first publicly-funded institutions for higher education. At first, the university was open only to nobility and otherwise wealthy elite, but in the 18th century a cultural shift moved the institution to broaden it's student pool. Scholarship programs were put in place for those who could not afford tuition.

    Other Notable Features

    The University of Hjem's coastal location makes it an ideal institution to specializes in marine sciences and naval engineering. Graduates of these programs are highly sought in other countries to teach seafaring, marine biology, and oceanography as well as to help both militaries and private companies with ship construction.


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