Buford Institute of Technology (B.I.T.) Institutions


9th of Demiber 1900

Chancellor (President)

Lucas M Buford 1900–


Southeast Astam Junction, Antiford

Founded by the president of the Buford Automaton Company, this higher education institution is focused on teaching all aspects of automaton development, humanoid or otherwise, for the benefit of the whole automaton industry.

It's initial staff includes professors from Buford Automaton, Cerilius Industries, Golah, and even a Zemlani.


Generally, the school has two major focuses, Mechanical Engineering and Script-Scroll Engineering.

Additionally, all students must take courses from the fields of Mathematics, History, and Social Sciences.

There is a great focus on ethical engineering, especially as prerequisite before being allowed to view the journals of the Moreau lineage, as many in that lineage who contributed to the science of automatons did so via selfish and unethical methods.

The many automaton companies around the world are part of an advisory board, which are polled every couple years to inquire the skills or knowledge that the industry desires out of new graduates entering the field.

The inaugural year's courses can be seen here.


  • Lachmann Hall - auditorium, meeting rooms
  • Williams Hall - Bursar, Counselors, Admin
  • Nunes Hall - General Ed
  • Attridge Hall - Scripting Ed
  • Victoria Hall - Mechy Ed
  • Forecourt - fancy entryway with the statue
  • Courtyard - green space for the school
  • Amphitheater - outdoor lecture/demonstration space

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